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Geelong’s own Footwear Clinic for problem feet


Our clinics are managed by professionally trained staff with experience in fitting problematic feet with the correct shoe. When you come to visit us we measure and assess the general appearance, shape and condition of your feet. We observe how you walk and assess extra requirements needed to fit in orthoses. We then fit you in the most suitable footwear to accommodate your particular needs.

We provide information and support to ensure you get the most from your new footwear.


We Offer

  • A Professional fitting service
  • Home, hospital and nursing home visits, by appointment.
  • Split sizing option for different shaped or length feet
  • Shoe repairs


Shoe modifications

    • Build Ups
    • Wedges
    • Velcro conversions
    • Sole conversions for Golf & Bowls


Support Services
It is important to report any concerns or issues you are facing following the fitting of your footwear.
Concerns can include:

  • Issues with the fitting or comfort
  • Rubbing or pain caused by the Footwear
  • Changes in Medical conditions

In the event of any concerns we can offer

  • Advice over the phone
  • A review appointment to ensure optimal fit, function and comfort.


Funding for Footwear
If funding with TAC, Workcover, Aids and Equipment Program (A&EP) or the Department of Veteran Affairs is applicable we will assist with the application and approval process.


Approved Suppliers to DVA
Department of Veteran Affairs 


Suppliers for
Victorian Aids and Equipment Program
Transport Accident Commission 
Workcover – Worksafe Victoria 

Highly Recommended by
Diabetes Australia  
Arthritis Australia  

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