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Medical Grade or Orthopaedic Footwear Range at Geelong’s own Extra Depth Footwear Store


Medical footwear are designed to suit more difficult to fit foot shapes We accommodate feet with widths from 3A narrow up to 8E wide. Extra depth is given in the forefoot and toe area. Sizes range from as small as a size 3 up to a size 12 (women) or 16 (men).

Some styles have a wider midfoot section, straight lasted soles or extend heel counters to provide increased support for the pronated or “flat” foot.

The Sensitive or High Risk foot demands a correct fit and safe shoe, ensuring foot health is maintained. Specially designed Medical Grade Footwear have features including:

  • Multiple widths for Wide and Narrow feet – 3A to 8E
  • Extra depth in the upper – toe box region
  • Soft or Seamless Upper construction
  • Strong Wedged sole construction
  • Firm Heel Counters
  • Sizes 3-16




All shoes are Orthotic friendly, and have removable
innersoles to provide extra room for your own orthoses.










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